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What is Citavi?


  • The name Citavi comes from Latin that means "I cited"
  • A Swiss Academic Software reference management and knowledge organization.
  • This is a research software subscribed by AIIAS.

What can I do with Citavi?



Learn how to use Citavi

Citavi Online Course (Udemy) - Citavi workshop in a detailed step-by-step guide.

Citavi Review with Process Maps - Consists of short video clips for each feature discussed in the online course with process maps to support each skill.
  1. Getting Started   video | pdf
  2. Searching and Saving Sources video | pdf
  3. Searching and Saving Sources with Picker video | pdf
  4. Editing Bibliographic Information & Generating Bibliography video | pdf
  5. Organizing Knowledge   video | pdf
  6. Generating Citavi Project to Word Document   video | pdf
  7. Management and Sources   video | pdf

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