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Our Policies
Library Patrons
  • AIIAS students, faculty, staff and their spouses are authorized to use and borrow from the library.
  • Other researchers need to register at the library counter for permission to use the library resources. Registration is subject for approval.
Library Use
  • Theft, mutilation or defacing of library materials or equipment (including folded pages, written marks with pencil, pen, highlighters, etc.) will subject the person to discipline and/or penalties to be imposed by the librarians or the library committee.
  • Personal belongings (such as laptop, tablet, cellphone, and other valuable things) should not be left unattended.
  • AIIAS Academy Students/Youth, Visiting Researchers, and Guests are only permitted to stay in the Reference Section.
  • Food and drinks: Eating is prohibited in the library. Drinks must be in spill-proof containers. There are designated areas for eating outside the library.
Children in the Library
  • Children under 4th grade are not allowed in the library with or without parents.
  • Children in 4th-6th grade may be granted special permission to use the library but MUST be accompanied by a parent. This parent is responsible for the child while on library premises.
  • Children in 1st year of high school (7th grade) or above may use the library for individual study, but not for socializing. To use the library, they must request and obtain a library ID card
Study Areas
  • The library provides tables/carrels in the reading rooms for quiet study. Group discussion tables are also available when students need to work together or discuss class projects.
  • Personal materials should not be left on tables or carrels overnight. Books left overnight will be re-shelved. Personal items will be placed on the trolley at closing time.
  • Library users are advised not to leave valuables unattended, as the library takes no responsibility for missing items.
  • Study cubicles may be rented each semester by students and/or faculty who are working on an advanced research project. To apply or reapply for a cubicle, please see the Reference Librarian.
  • All library authorized users must possess and present a validated AIIAS or Library ID card when borrowing. AIIAS and library ID cards are non-transferable.
  • Borrowing privileges are as follows:
AIIAS Faculty 30 books plus 15 books on call
AIIAS Students 20 books(including a maximum of 2 reserve books)
AIIAS Staff and Spouses of Faculty/Staff/Students 2 books (may be recalled at any time)
Institutional Users 10 items
Other approved Users 2 books (may be recalled at any time)

Loan Periods and Fines
Listed below are the information for loan periods and fines for circulation and reserve collections.
Circulating collection 2 weeks with one 2-week renewal P2.00 per day
IMRC Book Collection 1 week with 1 week renewal. P2.00 per day
On call (Faculty) On call books are for use at Distance Learning Centers or for ongoing research. They may be placed on call for up to one semester. Longer periods of time may only be granted at the discretion of the librarians. P2.00 per day
Reserve Collection Short hourly or day loans. Periods vary by course. P5.00 per hour
  • Fines are expected to be paid without delay. An unsettled account of P200 or more automatically suspends borrowing privileges until paid.
  • Any damage or loss of library materials is the responsibility of the borrower who will be required to pay the full cost of replacement including the processing cost. Lost materials should be reported at once.
Collection for In-House Use Only
  • IMRC media collections
  • Reference Materials
  • Heritage and Rare Book Materials
  • Periodicals
  • Special Collection
  • Leslie Hardinge Library operates in compliance with Philippine copyright laws and does not take responsibility for any legal infringement by library users.
  • Students may avail of the copy center in the library to photocopy portions of library materials. Library staff will not authorize copying of complete works.
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