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Instructional and Media Resource Center
Instructional & Media Resources Center (IMRC) provides access to computers for research, media collection, teachers’ resource, and instructional material samples. The IMRC supervisor and her two IMRC assistants offer services through IMRC collection, equipment, and facilities.

AIIAS on-campus students, faculty, and staff are authorized to use the materials available at the IMRC. The Curriculum Materials Collection aims particularly to education students so that when they return to their schools they know what materials are available for specific subjects or level of education.

Main Room
The main room of the IMRC contains computers, scanners, laminators, cutting machines, different kinds of printers, individual and group study tables, media collection, and curriculum material collection.
Viewing Room
The viewing room accommodates a group video watching. The room provides a television with DVD player, computer, and LCD projector.
Recording Room
The recording room is special room for recording videos and audios. Computer and microphone are provided. The room can accommodate 3 persons at a time.
Computer Laboratory
The laboratory room contains computers for class use and for individual research needs when there is no ongoing class session (can accommodate around 25 students). Computers contain software application needed for classes.

The IMRC provides the following services:
  • Instructional materials development collection. Curricular and instructional materials in education, health education, business, ministry and religious education are housed in the Center.
  • Instructional materials development area. An area is provided where students can create their own instructional materials for use when they return to the field. Laminating and cutting equipment is available, along with supplies such as paper, card, glue, etc.
  • Media collection/viewing facilities. The library’s media collection, including videos, CD-ROM, DVD and other media, is housed in the Center along with multimedia viewing equipment and facilities.
  • Computer laboratory. A computer lab provides a place where students can engage in electronic research and instructional material development. The Center provides wired and wireless connectivity to Internet, and the lab is equipped with printing, scanning, and desktop publishing capabilities.

The IMRC collection is intended to support the graduate programs offered at AIIAS. The collection also incorporates curriculum materials and Adventist publications on how to integrate faith and learning.

The collection of the IMRC consists of print and media. The collection includes
  • Teachers Resource (TR). Book collection of IMRC which are mainly practical resource for teachers, health promoter, business people, and others.  This also includes the textbooks used in different subjects and level.
  • Textbooks. Elementary and high school textbooks in the major curricular subjects.
  • Curriculum guides.
  • Subject guides.
  • Media materials. CD-ROM, DVD, posters, instructional games, kits and other instructional materials.
  • Tests. Measurement & evaluation samples.
  • Resource materials for teachers, superintendents, principals, mission & union leaders, guidance counselors and chaplains.
  • Web sites. The IMRC web page includes links to teaching online resources.
Reservation for IMRC Facilities

Notify the IMRC supervisor or IMRC assistants two days before the use of the facilities. The users are expected to adhere to the guidelines on the use of each room.
  1. Viewing room
  2. Recording room
  3. Computer Laboratory

Circulation Policies

  1. Teachers’ Resource (TR). TR can be borrowed by authorized users for one week and renewable for another week. Fines for circulating books applies to Teachers’ Resources.
  2. Media Collection. The library loans general collection of CDs, DVDs, and VHS to AIIAS authorized users. Specialized media are for in-house use. Loan period is 24 hours; for weekend the borrower can loan on Friday and return on Sunday morning. There is a fine of P5 per hour or P50 per day for delayed return of media.

Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Lalaan I, Silang, Cavite 4118, Philippines
Telphone: 63 46 4144 403 Fax: 63 46 4144 301 Email: webmaster@aiias.edu